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May 21 2018

May 18 2018

May 17 2018

May 16 2018

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You know you want it! You know you need it!

May 14 2018

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Have you tried latex tights before? Pretty fun actually :)

It is yah 💞😈💦♋️

May 12 2018

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It had been way too long. And every hand looks better when gloved.

May 11 2018

May 10 2018

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It took time to lube my Domme wife’s Latex Stockings and pull and stretch them up my legs.. I shivered as their compressing coolness enclosed my legs.. the heat between my legs was quite undeniable however.. she/we were quite delighted as I hardened immediately.. on went my high high heeled boots.. I was in sissy Heaven as strapped my ankles to the spreader bar and cuffed wrists in the small of my back.. to ensure my cum was MOST forthcoming she forced the BIGGEST vibrating inflatable butt plug we own straight up my destroyed ass and pumped it up to max.. the wanking/milking she gave was quite brutal.. nothing else would do.. I couldn’t believe it as turned the vibe to high and finally.. explosively had me cumming cumming cumming for a SIXTH time that day.. my balls just wouldn’t stop convulsing as she milked on and on.. had me shrieking to God for it to stop but STILL milked me on and on and on and on til she’d FORCED every single last drop from my writhing body.. when she released me turned me over and kissed away my streaming tears I’ve never felt SO at peace..


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May 08 2018

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May 03 2018

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Lederlady ❤

May 01 2018

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April 30 2018

D/s is not an outfit





aka “But I’m wearing Converse!”

We all have images of D/s scenarios in our heads. The beautiful pictures we share on here influence where our minds wander when we fantasize about those situations.
I’m no exception there.

When thinking about my submissive worshipping me the next time, I had envisaged him kneeling naked on the fur rug in my sitting room, the log fire burning, me looking gorgeous with hair and make-up done, wearing one of my beautiful dresses without underwear and a pair of my most beautiful heels. The Prada maybe, or the Lara Bohincs, Michael Kors or even the Louboutins. I have them for a reason after all.

But as is so often the case, real life has other plans.
I had been travelling for work and being the good boy he is, he came to pick me up at the airport and drove me home.

Finally alone and behind closed doors, he dropped to his knees.
No flames dancing in the fireplace, instead a slightly cold room because the heating had been turned down for the week I was away.
No fancy make-up and hair, I had been awake for 24+ hours.
No pretty dress, an eleven hours flight calls for comfy clothes.
And sure as hell no high heels either. Instead, sneaker socks in white converse.

I stopped for a second, was this how I wanted it to be ? Slightly self conscious that I hadn’t had a shower in 26 hours, that my feet were swollen from hours of sitting on the plane, that I hadn’t shaved my legs …
Just for a second though, because then I looked at him and realised none of it matters. Not to him, anyways, to him I was his Goddess regardless.

He knelt, he kissed, he worshipped and he held me tight there and then.

I have said it many times before, but I felt it so deeply in that situation :

D/s is not an outfit !

So very true!

This, dammit. This! ^^^

When it’s real, it’s beautiful.

April 29 2018


#Repost @hayleyjhartley
Is my catsuit shiny enough? 🙊 @westwardboundlatex
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April 26 2018

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You’ll have a lot of work to do, slave! You’d better get started!

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